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Nelson Naturals

Nelson Naturals - Toothpaste 93g (3.3 oz)

Nelson Naturals - Toothpaste 93g (3.3 oz)

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For anyone who finds brushing their teeth to be a tedious task, Nelson Naturals toothpaste is the silver lining.

Easy to use, simply dip your brush in and brush as usual. Perfect for travel, on the go, to reduce waste and water use or to make brushing your teeth a more pleasant experience.

Also works for sensitive teeth!


Spearmint: a classic for the ultimate fresh breath.

Cinnamon: a subtle spice and boldness, cinnamon essential oil adds a special touch.

Fennel: herbaceous, refreshing, mint free.

Moringa: the most nutritionally dense plant on earth! Moringa works alongside iodine and bentonite clay to give you the healthiest mouth you've ever had!

Plastic free. *Does not contain fluoride*

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