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Bees Wax Works

Bees Wax Works - Bulk Beeswax

Bees Wax Works - Bulk Beeswax

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Nothing here but pure Canadian Beeswax from the western provinces!

These are the perfect chunks of beeswax for your bee beauty, craft or kitchen project. Use these golden beauties in natural body balms, fine cooking, encaustic art, holiday egg decorating, furniture repair, quilting thread or ... just to have and to hold and to smell.

Available in 1.5oz, 4oz and 16oz sizes.

Fun fact: depending on which blossoms the bees have been pollinating the colour of the wax will uniquely vary.

Bees Wax Works strives to use the purest wax possible, using no additives, fragrances, fillers or colouring agents.

Handmade on Vancouver Island, Canada.

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