Clear 16oz straight sided jar with circular white label on front saying "detox salt soak".  Filled with blackened epsom + dead sea salt
Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery - Salt Soaks

Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery - Salt Soaks

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Enjoy bath time with our handmade salt soaks!  Made by yours, truly in-store!

Each soak has a mindfully curated blend of mineral salts, botanicals and essential oils...blissfulness for your body and your mind:

Detox: Activated charcoal, epsom + dead sea salt, lavender EO

Use to detox from bad vibes, or for when you want witchy, badass black bath water; charcoal pulls out impurities and excess oils from the skin.  After bathing allow skin to air dry for a few minutes to allow these minerals to penetrate your skin.  Moisturizing after using charcoal on the skin is essential - don't skimp on this step!  Caution: will stain clothes // can potentially stain tubs - should come off bathtub surfaces with water and dish soap if residual charcoal is left behind.  Worst case-scenario, CLR will dissolve the mineralization.

Sweet Dreams: Dead sea + epsom + pink himalayan + magnesium flake salt, lavender EO

Feeling restless?  RLS (restless leg syndrome), also known as Willis-Ekbom disease affects a good amount of people worldwide; even if you've never been diagnosed with this disease, the sensation of restless legs is seeming to become more common amongst folks.  Essentially it's an unpleasant feeling in your limbs that can be briefly sated by moving the effected limbs.  If you know, you know; and if you know I'm terribly sorry and can sympathize!

This salt soak is made for those who suffer from RLS, insomnia, stress and anxiety.  Multiple types of mineral rich salt like Pink Himalayan delivery anti-stress and anti-inflammatory benefits.  The most crucial ingredient is Magnesium Chloride flakes - as these will help relax your muscles and prevent muscle spasms, discomfort and twitching.  All of these paired with lavender flowers and a touch of essential oil make for the most relaxing tub soak of your life!