Element Botanicals - Potion
Element Botanicals - Potion
Element Botanicals - Potion

Element Botanicals - Potion

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A bewitching blend of antioxidant rich botanicals, silk and AHA's target impurities and signs of damage while nourishing and revitalizing the complexion, promoting cell renewal.

Gently shake and disperse a small amount into hands, rub together to create a lather. Note: This is a 100% natural cleanser and may separate. Gently shake to blend if this occurs.

Tip! For deep cleansing, mix a small amount of our Phoenix transformative grains into potion cleanser, massage into face and neck, rinse well with warm water and a cloth.

Key Elements: AHAs, silk amino acids,
 green & white tea, kombuca, dong quai superfoods. 


Who doesn't want to reverse signs of skin damage and nurture your skin's health?

This all natural toner provides alpha hydroxy acids, loads of vitamin C, silk and cucumber in a soothing neroli flower base to clarify and nourish the skin. Helps to clear blemishes, hydrate, improve skin elasticity, cell growth and appearance of scars. Beneficial for all skin types, including sensitive skin and rosacea.

Use after cleansing to remove any traces of makeup and dirt to promote a clear, replenished complexion. 

Use any time as a pick-me-up and to instantly refresh and boost the skin. Works great after exposure to the elements, on sun burns, or to refresh and soothe the skin.

Key Elements: Neroli flower water, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), cucumber extract.


This enchantingly light yet potent facial creme is a long time fan favourite!

High in antioxidants, ideal to balance all skin types while helping to improve the look and feel of the complexion. Use daily alone or as a base to help your skin to renew itself while fighting signs of damage. 

Key Elements: silk proteins, green & white tea, kombuca, dong quai superfoods, zinc.