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Gaia Smiles

Gaia Smiles - Tooth Powder

Gaia Smiles - Tooth Powder

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As a digestive organ home to millions of microscopic bacteria and yeast, the mouth has a powerful impact on overall health.  Gaia smiles was created with your mouth's microbiome in mind and is meant to freshen breath and whiten teeth while sustaining your mouth's ideal ecosystem. 

The only fluoride found in Gaia Smiles is the already occurring fluoride present in natural clays; there is no added fluoride.

There are no bleaches or added whitening agents in this tooth powder; however people have noticed whiter teeth after switching from the leading toothpaste brands.  This is because of the formula's high mineral content, which mineralizes your saliva which coats and protects your teeth!

You'll find this tooth powder (much like most natural cleaning products) does not foam.  This is because the typical foaming agent SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is not present in natural products; as it does not provide any extra beneficial properties.  SLS is known to irritate skin, membranes in our eyes and mouth, and is also toxic to lots of marine life (remember, all the chemicals you use end up in the ocean eventually); it is solely added to formulae to enhance the brushing experience and for no other reason.  Trust us, you won't miss it!!

This tooth powder can be used to replace your conventional toothpaste, is made with completely edible ingredients so accidental ingestion comes with no risks (as long as the powder is wet and is not inhaled).

Original Formula: Eucalyptus, Clove, Lemon and Cinnamon essential oils; sweetened with xylitol (which works in your saliva for long term teeth protection)

Peppermint: Classic peppermint taste (peppermint essential oil); sweetened with xylitol

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