Live For Tomorrow - All Purpose Cleaner Refill /100g

Live For Tomorrow - All Purpose Cleaner Refill /100g

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This coconut and citrus-based formula, aptly named "Elbow Grease", will make even the toughest messes disappear.  

For general, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, spray cleaner directly onto surface as is.  Allow to sit for 1 minute if you're cleaning a notoriously tough spot.

For general surface wiping, dilute 1 part cleaning solution in 5 parts water - this will make a nice, thin countertop cleanser that will wipe up with ease and less suds.

For floors, dilute a 1/2 cup (125ml) into a standard-sized mop bucket (approx. 1-2 gallons) of HOT water.

Works on most surfaces // not ideal for polished or waxed surfaces

Coconut based  // ZERO synthetic additives  // Biodegradable // Phosphate Free