Luumi - Unplastic (Silicone) Bowls
Luumi - Unplastic (Silicone) Bowls

Luumi - Unplastic (Silicone) Bowls

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Un-plastic your life one step at a time with Luumi! 

Cook with it, eat from it, again and again.  These silicone bowls seal tightly with the option of a water-proof seal for liquids such as soups and smoothie bowls.  Also good for salads, chilli, and small snacks!

Roll down sides of bowl for desired size and shape.  To seal, fasten top silicone buttons, fold down (like you're closing a paper bag) and attach tabs to lower silicone buttons.  For a water-tight seal, fasten top buttons as usual, then close metal clasp around the top, lock to seal.

100% pure platinum silicone, 100% plastic free. BPA + BPS + PVC + Phthalate + Filler free!  Available in small (650mL) and large (1.5L)

Freezer safe, dishwasher safe, microwave & oven safe up to 350°F.