No Tox - Bamboo Soap Shelf
No Tox - Bamboo Soap Shelf

No Tox - Bamboo Soap Shelf

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By keeping your soap bars out of standing water, not only will they look more presentable (2020's problems, right?) but allowing your soap to dry out in between uses makes for a longer lasting soap bar.

Pairs wonderfully with our Casa Agave 

Bamboo soap stands will last 3-6 months, and can last longer depending on placement.  We recommend leaving your soap lift in a dry place where water doesn't accumulate.  

Pro tip: give your soap lift a "day off" once a week, or every few weeks to clean out any soap scum and allow to fully dry in a bright windowsill - this will slightly stretch the life of your soap lift 

This soap lift is made with moso bamboo (giant/timber bamboo grown especially for its large yield), so once these stands get too grimy they can be thrown right into your compost bin - no plastic here!