Moss Creek Wool Works - Wool Dryer Balls - Individual Balls

Moss Creek Wool Works - Wool Dryer Balls - Individual Balls

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Wouldn't it be nice if even just one daily chore became easier? Adding dryer balls to the routine is not a bad place to start.

Dryer balls save you time and money by reducing drying time and helping prolong the lifespan of your clothes.

How do they work? Simply add 2-3 dryer balls to the dryer with each normal load. Pure felted wool dryer balls absorb moisture while helping with circulation, helping maintain humidity levels which protects your clothes and helps them dry faster with less wrinkles and static.

They will not harm your clothing or your dryer, and the wool does not rub off or unravel. There are no fillers, dyes, perfumes or chemicals - only pure wool. Tested to last for 500+ loads and take up no room as you can store them in your dryer between loads.

Douse one or all of the balls liberally with your favourite essential oil to impart a gorgeous fragrance to your items. We love lavender for bedding, and sweet orange oil for towels!

Please note, these individual balls come packed loose in cartons - packaging not included.