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Radius - Dental Floss

Radius - Dental Floss

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We currently carry a variety of Radius' dental flosses; each specializes in some quality to suit each and every person's wants and needs when it comes to natural self care products.

Natural + Organic Flosses

Their natural floss is made of the standard mulberry silk fibre; however much like beeswax, this relies on the labour and life of silk worms, therefore it is not a vegan option. These come in unflavoured, clove cardamom and vanilla mint flavours.

Sponge Floss....what?

As many of us are used to seeing corn as the primary ingredient in a vegan dental floss...we were taken aback when we saw this one was made of sponge fibres! This is pretty nifty, because the sponge fibres expand when they're moistened in between your teeth, and will absolutely remove all food particles from between your chompers.

All Radius dental flosses have been treated with a plant based wax to ensure a smooth glide in between teeth, preventing broken floss. All types are known to be sturdier than standard biodegradable flosses.
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