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Routine - Face + Body Oil

Routine - Face + Body Oil

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Treat your skin to luxury without breaking the bank.  These oils, expertly crafted by Routine have specific qualities in them for certain applications.

Your Face Is ACE - Face Oils:

Woke Glow // Day Oil: Rosehip oil protects the skin from weather damage with vitamin C, sea buckthorn is rich in antioxidants that regenerate skin and improve elasticity, while frankincense not only tightens pores, but smooths skin (and smells deep, rich and lovely).

Golden Slumber // Night Oil: Primrose an vetiver are multi-purpose oils used on skin to soothe, brighten and moisturize, black cumin strengthens skin overnight, and neroli not only brings balance to your skin, it is a gorgeous scent that bring balance to your mind as you drift off to sleep.

30ml // violet glass // pump dropper

All Bodies Are Hottie Bodies - All Over Oil:

Superstar - This oil can be used anywhere and everywhere (that is on the OUTSIDE of your body, of course); add to split ends to moisturize and strengthen, works perfectly as a beard oil for shaving or moisturizing what's there, remove your makeup with a few drops, add a few more drops to your bath...just steep in this oil in every way you can!

Cardamom and rosehips help combat signs of ageing with their high vitamin c, antioxidant and manganese content.  Argan oil balances the skin's pH and melanin while also giving suppleness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Clary sage plumps and primes skin by improving blood flow to the surface of the skin while cleaning out clogged pores and naturally balancing the skin's sebum production.

100ml // violet glass // pump top // protective cap

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