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Studiopatro - Flour Sack Towels set of 3

Studiopatro - Flour Sack Towels set of 3

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We are so pleased to welcome Studiopatro back into the shop - we first introduced this beautiful line to our customers in our Granville Island shop! These exquisite towels are made in San Francisco and remind us of our years spent living there, where we learned to appreciate good food, wine and living.

These cotton flour sack towels are the best quality to be found. They are thick, strong, generously oversized, and the handiest tool for cooking and cleaning. Absorbent and lint-free, use them to dry dishes and glassware, wipe up spills, keep salad greens fresh for hours, protect countertops and more. This will soon be your best friend in the kitchen, so join our mission and use cloth not paper :)

These 3 big and sturdy 100% cotton flour sack towels are simply the best quality you will ever find. Our cooking customers rely on them to wipe, dry, clean, polish, cushion, protect and wrap — without lint, scratches or streaks. Pre-washed, extra-thick and absorbent, these towels are good for almost every kitchen task. Sustainable and practical too, so replace those paper towels and use cloth, not paper :)

- 100% durable cotton, washed twice + lightly ironed
- Nice and big at 30" x 30" 
- Smooth and super-absorbent
- Lint-free!
- Ships as a stack of 3 towels, ready for gifting
- Wrapped + tied with a twill “use cloth not paper” ribbon


  • Remove stains with soap and water while still fresh, before they dry.
  • Pre-soaking in mild detergent is very effective in lifting stains.
  • Never use chlorine bleach which may damage the fibers.
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