The Unscented Company Refill - Cleaning Vinegar /100g

The Unscented Company Refill - Cleaning Vinegar /100g

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The cleaning power of vinegar - without the added nasty chemicals!

The Unscented Company have released their best, most natural and most sustainable cleaning product that not only performs to a home cleaning standard, but also keeps the user's long-term health in mind.

Many cleaners include harmful chemicals; while these chemicals are added with the best intentions (ie: necessary to clean soap scum or to prolong shelf life), however in large concentrations and with repetitive exposure these chemicals usually have negative health effects, and can be harmful to more sensitive folks.  

Not only do these cleaners include harmful chemicals, they have bacteria killing additives that are even a step passed overkill; these 99.99% disinfectant cleaners are NOT necessary for at-home cleaning.  While these do kill harmful bacteria, they also almost completely wipe out any beneficial bacteria causing compromised immunity and contributing to "superbugs" (viruses we can no longer control with immunity or vaccines).

With this cleaning vinegar, you'll clean your home of unwanted smells and bacteria without compromising your immunity or causing any other damage to your body.

For general cleaning: Dilute 1 part cleaner into 9.6 parts water
For deodorizing: 
Dilute 1 part cleaner into 2.4 parts water

Certified Leaping Bunny - Never tested on animals

Made in Canada.