Word Teasers - Conversation Starting Cards
Word Teasers - Conversation Starting Cards
Word Teasers - Conversation Starting Cards

Word Teasers - Conversation Starting Cards

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Keep the conversation rolling and your mind and humour sharp with Word Teasers word games!  Impress all your friends and family with your extensive knowledge of useless facts, share your library of dad jokes, and then stun them with puns!

These card games are excellent for youngsters to build their English vocabulary skills, while also learning about the history of some things we say (for example, idioms and other words we have borrowed from other languages).

Gather friends and family and pull a card from the box.  Read the question out loud (and the fun begins).  There is no right or wrong answer, just your fun, off the cuff answers that will tickle your funny bone!  You'll be amazed by the conversations you'll start!

Word Teasers Origins (Ages 10+)

Jump start your conversations with these fun and thought-provoking questions - all built around English words and phrases we borrow from OTHER languages!

Example: Who in your family is the biggest extrovert?
The origin, definition and an example of the bolded word are given on the back!

Funny Sayings (Ages 8+)

Don't get caught with "egg on your face" with these sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful questions - all using the zaniest idiomatic sayings, guaranteed to increase language arts skills...and smiles!

Example:  Which of your relatives has he biggest gift of gab?
Meaning and origins of bolded saying are given on the back!

Dad Jokes (Ages 7+)

Who.  Doesn't.  Love.  A.  Good.  Dad.  Joke!?

300 hilarious jokes that will keep the whole family laughing!  Part clever and part groan-worthy, dad jokes are fun for kids of all ages!

Example: What did one goldfish say to the other goldfish in the tank?
Any idea how to drive this thing?  HAHAHA

Fun Puns (Ages 7+)

These puns are tons of fun - wordplay with the accent on play!  Kids will laugh, parents will love that they're off their phones.  Everyone will be developing and enjoying their own sense of humour and how to express it!

Example: Guess what you can do with a broken pencil?
Nothing, it's pointless.

Cards are 3" x 3" // packaged in a lidded cardboard box