Zero Waste MVMT - Exfoliating Glove
Zero Waste MVMT - Exfoliating Glove

Zero Waste MVMT - Exfoliating Glove

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Exfoliating your skin can help with a number of things; but primarily it's used to remove dead and flaky skin cells from your body.  Doing so before cleansing your skin (especially if you plan on using moisturizer) helps you retain the products you're lathering on.

Most importantly, don't even think about shaving without exfoliating first.  What this does is preps the individual hairs by slightly raising them fro your skin, and removing any dry bits of skin or debris.  This way you're guaranteed a smooth and clean shave, every time!

For best results, do not use with product and pre-soak in bath or shower for 5 minutes before using.  Then watch the excess debris shed off right before your eyes.

Made from a cotton, hemp, nylon blend. Note: The exfoliating mitts aren't 100% plastic-free due to the nylon used for the added stretch. The brand is planning on transitioning to a more sustainable stretch material on the next iteration!