Dryer balls are a woolly good thing

Dryer balls are a woolly good thing

On your path to sustainability, are you searching for a better alternative to fabric softener and single-use dryer sheets? Do we have an product for you! We have proudly carried Moss Creek Wool dryer balls for years, and these hand-made dryer balls are exactly what you need. Wool dryer balls will save you time and money by increasing drying efficiency, without the use of harsh chemicals or the production of unnecessary waste. 



From the Moss Creek web site:

“Our white wool is from Corriedale sheep from ranches in Wyoming and Montana and is processed in a wool mill in  Charleston SC.

Our Gray and Brown wool comes from Corriedale and Polksworth sheep from the UK and the EU and is processed in a mill in the UK.

Each wool colour is from a different breed of Merino crossbred sheep which is why our wool is so soft and fine.

Why don’t we use more Canadian Wool?

Most sheep raised in Canada are for meat and their wool is not fine enough for felting. We do partner with local producers with flocks of heritage sheep with the fine wool fibers we need. However, most can only supply small amounts of wool and it is a challenge finding a Woolen Mill to process it in the quantities we need.”


Naturally and sustainably sourced, pure felted wool promotes the absorption of moisture by maintaining humidity levels and adding circulation during the drying cycle, which protects clothing against harsh heat, wrinkles, and static, leaving your clothes feeling and looking soft and fresh after every wash! 

To test them out for yourself simply add three dryer balls into the dryer for a regular load, or up to six for heavier loads, and watch them add life and comfort to your clothing.


Don’t want to miss out on your favourite fabric softener scent? No problem! Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil onto the dryer balls, rub them together (to ensure the oil soaks in and does not stain clothing in the drying process) and enjoy the scent for up to three loads! Feel free to switch up scents depending on the load - we recommend a relaxing lavender for bedding and a clean citrus and eucalyptus for towels. (If you’re not sure you want oil on all of your dryer balls, choose one to use - for this you may want to buy one of each colour, and use one of them only until you’re sure you like the use of essential oils in the dryer balls.)


Maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your wool dryer balls by trimming away any loose threads or pills that may naturally accumulate over several loads. Should your dryer balls become dirty over time, you can easily wash them along with a load of laundry and watch them come back to life looking as clean and fresh as ever. If the dryer balls come out of the wash looking slightly squished or misshapen they can be easily revived with a little bit of reshaping by hand while still damp from the wash. 

These dryer balls have been tested to last at least 500 loads and occupy a small amount of space as you can store them in the machine in between loads. The dryer balls can even be placed in a decorative bowl or large jar, and act as home decor while they’re not hard at work. Choose between our selection of cream, grey, and brown, whichever colour best suits your home’s aesthetic.


Moss Creek is a Canadian based company whose wool is produced ethically and sustainably in collaboration with wool co-ops who prioritize the well-being and livelihood of sheep. The animals are given adequate free range time outside their barn, improving the life of the sheep and the quality of the wool. The sheep are raised for their wool, not to eat, and are never exposed to chemicals, and the wool is shorn while the animal’s skin is never cut. These are happy sheep, producing wonderful wool, without the use of fillers, perfumes, chemicals, or dyes which can bleed onto and damage clothing. 


Once your wool dryer balls come to the end of their lifecycle, you have the opportunity to give them a new purpose! Seeing as the wool dryer balls are biodegradable, they can be used to provide nutrients to soil by being planted in your garden. You may also choose to hang them in a tree, providing high quality nest-making materials to local birds, or even gift them to your cats or dogs as a new toy! 

By making Moss Creek wool dryer balls part of your laundry routine, you can feel good about treating your clothing with gentle but effective care, supporting sustainable business efforts, and cutting down on the use of toxic chemicals and waste. 

Available here, for $7 each. They are easy to ship, so feel free to order online and we will get them out to you today!

Contributed by Kailey Farrell, team member at our sister store Jar Bar Refillery Dunbar 💚

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