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  • Dryer balls are a woolly good thing

    On your path to sustainability, are you searching for a better alternative to fabric softener and single-use dryer sheets? Do we have an product for you! We have proudly carried Moss Creek Wool dryer balls for years, and these hand-made dryer balls are exactly what you need. Wool dryer balls will save you time and money by increasing drying efficiency, without the use of harsh chemicals or the production of unnecessary waste. 
  • We are HIRING! Sales associates needed...

    Are you an eco-conscious person with a passion for helping people help the planet?  We have, quite possibly, the coolest job opportunity for you! ...
  • Sealed with Love, Washi Tape

    What started thousands of years ago in Japan as a paper making tradition that ingeniously used local shrubs and plants to create, the art of Washi has grown into a resourceful way to re-imagine our everyday use of tape.
  • Settling in to a new place // Setting a new pace

    Dear friends, I am writing this quick post from my new cash desk, right in front of a gorgeous green tile wall. I planned this wall, dreamt of thi...
  • Give Dead Skin the Brush-Off!

    It's never too early to give winter skin the old heave-ho with a gently-but-vigourous round of dry brushing. Here's all you need to know to adopt this into your beauty routine.