Flats and Cats and Stairs and Snooping - the Ups and Downs of Flyer Delivering

Flats and Cats and Stairs and Snooping - the Ups and Downs of Flyer Delivering

In today’s delivery run, I had quite a fun time - well, fun until the flat tire…but I’ll tell you more about that later. (Or maybe I won’t, because there’s not much more to say about my poor little Jar Bar Smart car!)

You want to know why I really love delivering flyers? First, it’s of course to get the word out about the business that I love so much, my baby Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery , of course.

Second, the exercise - I had a massage yesterday and my therapist says I am looking TIGHT! Let’s be honest, I’m a 51 year old non-athletic type who is a bit more wibbly and wobbly than I’d like but if she says so, I don’t mind a bit. North Vancouver’s hills, and some of the STAIRS on your houses, are working my body so well! Today I put in 5km and my ankles are sore, but hot diggity dog I don’t need to go to the gym tonight, and I earned the hot bath I am going to have!

Incidentally, my favourite places are where I see a big set of stairs to climb and just as I get to them, I spot a mailbox down below on the garage so I don’t have to hike up all those steps. (I say a big THANK YOU for that every time.) I also particularly love homes with an extra suite and two mailboxes - it’s a two-for-one deal!

Sometimes I’ll climb the big set of stairs and reach for the mailbox when I see a “no soliciting” or “no junk mail” sign. I have to tell you, I do wrestle mightily with my conscience at that point. “Is this REALLY junk mail?” I ask myself, trying to justify the purpose of the piece of paper in my hand. (I honour your requests every time and back away with the flyer reserved for the next recipient!)

Now, finally, the real secret benefit of delivering door to door that you may not have even thought about…I get to see so many cute pets and nice home builds! Seriously, I think almost every house has a door camera and almost every one of them will see me cooing at a sweet cat, trying to soothe the nerves of a barking dog through a window or door, complimenting (out loud, so the camera can pick it up, of course) a well-done paint job on a mailbox, stopping to admire a beautiful home, yard or view. DANG, North Van, y’all have some beautiful homes and sweet companions!

I am so glad to see that all the steps and stairs are paying off as people are coming in either because they have been reading my updates on Next Door, or they’ve received a flyer in their mailbox. Old school/grassroots/guerrilla/pound-the-pavement style marketing really WORKS.

I have been spending time the last few delivery shifts in the Grousewoods area while a wonderful high school student named Jordan, who is a great friend of my son’s, has been covering the Village proper. I will keep re-printing and the two of us will keep delivering until we have covered territory as far out as Lynn Valley to the East and Horseshoe Bay to the West.

Honestly, you all coming in to support us…introducing yourselves, giving us a vote of confidence and telling us we are doing a great job, picking up a little something, or starting on your sustainability/refill journey really boosts our spirits! You are GOOD PEOPLE.

Thank you.

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