Greeting card addicts are my kind of people!

Greeting card addicts are my kind of people!

It’s getting to be wedding season, isn’t it? We have a nice little selection of cards perfect to give for this special occasion but maybe none that are better than these two - if you are either a guest at a wedding, or one of the betrothed!

This card is actually one we make in-house, and it was designed to acknowledge the HOLY CRAP OMG-ness of the momentous occasion. We know it’s not for everyone - but for those folks who feel this way - this is a perfect little card.

Did you know we have a whole bunch of perfect little cards for all kinds of occasions, to capture all kinds of sentiments? From thank yous to I love yous and everything in between, we have over 50 of our own designs in a few different house brands.

We actually think a card is just about the most perfect medium for communication there is. A great card can help you express feelings and thoughts that you may have trouble articulating otherwise, and you can use a good card to spark a conversation or share a meaningful message.

If you happen to be a store owner who is seeing this post, our in-house designs are available for wholesale! By Monday our wholesale section will be all set up and ready to order from - feel free to DM us for info.

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