New site, who ‘dis?

New site, who ‘dis?

Spring has sprung! We have a new web site, a new store display, and a new kick in our step!


We’ve been transparent about struggling to keep up with bills amid rising wholesale prices, interest rates and rents, and we just want to let you know that we are not going down without doing everything we can to save our small business.

We have been doing outreach to school PAC lists to see if we can partner on fundraising, to local realtors to let them know about our wonderful “Welcome to your new home!” gift baskets, to local service-based offices and others, to see if we can help refill the cleaning products they use in their offices, and more. We are also about to start a campaign of outreach to the customers who have signed up for email or text updates with a special discount code to encourage them to stop in for a deal on their next purchase. If you want to get in on that, either sign up for our newsletter or text updates by sending your contact info in our DMs!

Don’t forget - we will deliver local orders for free, and we ship worldwide as well.

We are excited to keep providing great service and products to our local shoppers, and thank you so much for your support. Let’s keep choosing refill, not landfill!

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