We are HIRING! Sales associates needed...

We are HIRING! Sales associates needed...

Are you an eco-conscious person with a passion for helping people help the planet?  We have, quite possibly, the coolest job opportunity for you!
At Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery we introduce customers to products that are (mostly) made locally, and also made without harsh and irritating ingredients - and then we give them the ability to REFILL those products!  We are incredibly passionate about what we do and how we bring new information and products to people’s attention, and we love helping folks become more thoughtful about what they use every day.
Our main goal at the Jar Bar Refillery is to eliminate single-use plastic, while also giving our customers the opportunity to save money over time! It is also important to us that we maintain a high energy and positive environment for people to feel less intimidated to start their refill journey. Our culture is caring, informative without being preachy (meet people where they are at and then help them to elevate their eco living to the next level), and community-oriented.

A lot of people assume that because we run an aesthetically pleasing business and spend our time with soap, it is an easy, neat and tidy job - that is not the case! There are drips and spills, so it gets sticky and messy, and you will have to be okay with breaking a sweat sometimes, and being pooped by the end of your shift.

You will also be expected to lift up to 50lbs from time to time properly without injuring yourself. While this is only needed when we are switching out our full floor “carboy” containers, the rest of the job is still physically demanding. The actual act of being on your feet and refilling bottles and jars all day can be quite tiring, and with keeping the store clean from all those drips and spills, the shelves well stocked and the store organized.
We are currently looking to staff three more locations on top of our headquarters location in Edgemont Village, so we will be hiring in all four locations:
  • Edgemont Village (DGS Headquarters) 101-3246 Connaught Crescent, North Vancouver
  • Dunbar (opening Spring 2022)
  • Kitsilano (opening Summer 2022)
  • Ambleside (opening Fall 2022)
As an employee of a business in this quickly growing retail sector, you will be expected to:
  • Work in a fast-paced environment and accommodate busy times and random rushes
  • Keep on task when it’s slow and you’re working alone
  • Politely greet and interact with customers; be able to explain things to people in a non-condescending manner
  • Have a decent memory to retain product knowledge of the items we carry – their provenance, why we chose them, how they work, etc.
  • Restock or refill the shelves 
  • Lift up to 50lbs at a time
  • Have a comfort in working with cash and running credit card transactions
  • Be passionate about self-care and sustainability; willing to delve into deeper research when needed
  • Be available to work weekends and night shifts – flexible availability is a strong asset
  • Have attention to detail, and the ability to problem-solve on the fly 
  • Be a master of multitasking and able to prioritize on the fly
  • Have confidence in product knowledge to sell in an intuitive way without being demanding or pushy
  • Be open and willing to be trained on new tasks 
At least 1.5-2 years of professional retail customer service experience is preferred, but we will happily train you if we think you’d be a good addition!
There is also room for upward movement in our expanding company – we are always interested in people who want to grow into a management position, or who may have special skills that can be beneficial in product development, procurement, warehouse organization, fulfillment and more.
Delish General Store was born in 2010 and has survived a whole lot to get to this stage. We have a lot to share with people who are business and eco minded. Come and learn with us!

If you feel you’re exactly the kind of person we are looking for, we would love to hear from you. We have such a lovely group of people here and are so excited to open up and expand our dream team! 

If you’d like to apply here’s how:
In person:
@ Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery
101-3246 Connaught Crescent
Edgemont Village
North Vancouver BC
Online: email your resume and cover letter to jobs [at] delishgeneralstore [.com].
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