In an effort to expand our offerings and to help keep clothing out of the waste stream, we are opening up a small selection of consignment apparel and accessories. We think this new development is a great fit! (Pun totally intended.) 

We love fashion, and we love the planet. We think the two can go together, in particular when we pass along items rather than send them to the landfill. Read more about our decision here.

We are now opening up appointments to select a gently used, hand-picked, curated selection of clothing, bags, and shoes!

What we are looking for:

+ Clothing, accessories, and shoes - must be clean, laundered or dry cleaned and wrinkle-free, with no stains or rips. Ideally, items will not have broken zippers or be missing any buttons or parts - however, we do love vintage clothing and understand sometimes that’s the luck of the draw so feel free to bring some special pieces in, and we will see what we think!

+ No strong residual scents (think: body odour OR fragrances).

+ Sizes children’s through adult.

+ Items that are not brand-specific but rather are well-made, with a preference to items in an organic fabrication, and without large logos. We will accept seasonally appropriate current and vintage items.

+ We will accept designer goods, and intend to authenticate as well as we can, and price accordingly.

* We will not be accepting underwear or swimwear.


+ We do not buy clothing outright.

+ Consignors will need to make an appointment to bring items in. We will not be able to accept walk-ins. To make an appointment, you can: DM us on our Instagram page, phone the store, or send us an email. (In the future we will set up online appointment booking.)

+ A maximum of two shopping bags (no items on hangers) will be considered at this appointment. We will return anything we have not selected, immediately, so the consignor should stay on site until we have finished our selection.

+ The consignor will be required to sign a contract outlining these terms for us to keep on file.

+ Accepted items will be appraised (based on condition, quality style, and seasonality) priced, and put out on the floor.

+ Items will be kept in rotation on the floor for 30 days, after which the remaining items will be discounted by 20% of the original posted price. After 60 days, unsold items will be pulled from the floor and will either be donated or, if consignor chooses, can be picked up. (Unsold items consignor wishes returned must be picked up within one week.)

+ Payouts will happen upon request, and will be paid by cheque or e-transfer, or consignor can take the balance as a store credit.

+ If consignor chooses store credit, they will receive 50% of sale proceeds, available to use at any time.

+ If consignor chooses a payout, they will received 40% of the sale proceeds, by e-transfer.

+ Payouts will be available by request, with a processing time of 3-5 business days. Request by phoning, emailing or coming into the store to ask.