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Ball - Mason Jars - Regular Mouth

Ball - Mason Jars - Regular Mouth

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Grab one of these jars for canning, for drinks, for general pantry food storage, as a flower vase, a craft supply holder, for liquid hand soap in the bathroom, and so so so much more.

We have regular Ball, smooth-sided, quilted, blue vintage, brighter blue and amber jars! 

Special notes:

Bright blue: this colour blocks some light from reaching the food, helping the contents to better retain flavour and nutritional value for longer periods of time.
Heritage aqua blue: an homage to the original Ball colour of antique jars, paying tribute to 135 years of Ball's history in canning. This jar is a direct replica of the canning jars from the early 1900s. 
Quilted: the prettiest little jars ever, suitable for hotfill, waterbath and pressure canning. A favourite for jams and jellies as they do not have shoulders and are easy to fill and easy to empty. They are also freezer and oven safe.
Square: the square jars do not come with lids.

The larger sizes are great for bulk fills of our self-and home care products: shampoo & conditioner, hand soap, body wash and lotion, home cleaning, dish soap and laundry detergent, epsom salts and more.

The options are endless and you're sure to find a size to suit your needs!

Sizes available:

4 oz / 8 oz / 12 oz / 16 oz / 32 oz

Special notes:
32 oz:
This is the Big Mama of our jars...perfect to use as a large coffee travel mug, smoothie or cold drink holder when combined with our great jar toppers. Stick in a stainless steel smoothie straw, and you are go to go when battling the summer heat!

This jar is also freezer safe and ideal for longer vegetables like asparagus, cucumbers, and long beans.

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