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Casa Agave

Casa Agave - Wooden Brush / Toilet Brush

Casa Agave - Wooden Brush / Toilet Brush

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Finally! A multi-purpose cleaning brush that ACTUALLY works as a toilet brush too!  

This white teakwood-handled brush boasts an appropriate length, bursts of agave fibre bristles on its head to clean at all angles, and is made up of NO plastic, meaning no micro-plastics down your drain and into the ocean.

Use for cleaning bathtubs, toilets (we'd obviously recommend a separate one for this purpose...just sayin'), tile grout and many more oddly shaped dirty spots!

Dry out brush in between each use. We realize for toilet brush use this could be slightly difficult as the wooden handle should not be left in water. A great suggestion for this is to lift the toilet lid, put the brush down on the rim over the toilet bowl and close the lid over the brush, so it drips dry. Wash the toilet in the morning and by the time you are home from work, the brush will be dry! 

The bristles do give this brush an extra inch of heigh when stored bristles-down. Just be sure your brush holder doesn't accumulate too much water over time (this should be a normal practice anyway!).

Compost after 3-6 months of use.

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