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FATT - I've Never Met A Tree I Didn't Want To Hug Poster

FATT - I've Never Met A Tree I Didn't Want To Hug Poster

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One day when Finn and Mama were in the forest in Stanley Park, Finn exclaimed, "Mama! I've never met a tree I didn't want to hug!" as he threw his arms around a giant cedar. This was the very start of Finn and the Thunderbolts, and remains our favourite.  

Finn and the Thunderbolts (or FATT) is a partnership between an imaginative, eloquent, expressive, kindhearted and very, very special boy, and the mama he loves so much. (They happen to be Shop Boy Finn and Tamara, owner of Delish!)

Finnisms are the sometimes profound, sometimes philosophical, and always sweet sentiments expressed by Finn. Starting when he was about three years old, when Finn would say something particularly sweet or memorable, Tam would record it for posterity and to share, to warm the hearts of all.

Printed in Vancouver, this poster is screenprinted onto kraft paper. Tree hug postcards are also available, here, and greeting cards are here.

Measures: 12" x 18". Comes with a protective cardboard backing and packed in a cello sleeve for protection.

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