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Finn and the Thunderbolts

FATT - My Secret Ingredient Is Love Recipe Cards (10 Pack)

FATT - My Secret Ingredient Is Love Recipe Cards (10 Pack)

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Finn and the Thunderbolts is a partnership between an imaginative, eloquent, expressive, kindhearted and very, very special boy, and the mama he loves so much. (They happen to be Shop Boy Finn and Tamara, owner of Delish!)

Finnisms are the sometimes profound, sometimes philosophical, and always sweet sentiments expressed by FinnWhen he says something sweet to his mama, she records it for posterity and to share, to warm the hearts of all.

Sunday is pancake day in the Komuniecki household, and one particular Sunday, Finn and Mama were in the kitchen. Mama said, "Shhh, Finn, don't tell Papa what the secret ingredients are!", when Finn replied, "Mama, my secret ingredient is love!"... 

We think this expression makes the perfect reminder about why we are cooking, and who are cooking for. 

10 recipe cards in pack, 4x6" kraft paper.

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