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Jar Bar Refillery - Produce/Dish Brush

Jar Bar Refillery - Produce/Dish Brush

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Designed for convenience and sustainability, this brush is your go-to solution for replacing plastic dishwashing and vegetable brushes, making every cleaning task enjoyable. It features a rounded, ergonomic handle for comfort, alongside longer, denser bristles for efficient scrubbing.

Crafted from Moso Bamboo and equipped with durable sisal fibre bristles, this brush excels in everyday dishwashing and is tough on food residue without harming your dishes. It's the perfect alternative to plastic brushes, ideal for washing dishes and loosening stubborn food. For more challenging messes, pair it with our pot scrubber, designed with stiffer plant fiber bristles for tackling heavy stains and grime. It's also great for gently cleaning produce.

Expect a lifespan of 1-3 months per brush, with care tips to extend its use: avoid soaking the wood in water, air dry after use, and occasionally treat the bristles with vinegar to maintain hygiene. Once worn, the brush can be composted or disposed of in green waste, ensuring an eco-friendly lifecycle.

To maintain its best condition, keep the brush dry to prevent cracking—oil treatment can help if regular water exposure is unavoidable. Be mindful of storage; ensure it's kept in a dry place to prevent damage.

Beware of alternatives claiming sustainability but using plastic bristles. Our brushes are 100% compostable, with bamboo handles and sisal fibre bristles, supporting your eco-conscious lifestyle.

Additionally, using our brush with dish soap blocks efficiently conserves soap, unlike hard bristles that wear down soap quickly.

Why make the switch? Conventional plastic brushes shed microplastics, contributing to pollution in our oceans and affecting marine life and human health. By choosing our sustainable brush, you're helping combat this global issue and promoting a healthier planet.

Our Moso bamboo and agave fiber materials are sourced and processed with care, ensuring a product that's not only effective but also kind to the earth. Embrace a sustainable cleaning routine that benefits you and the planet with our eco-friendly kitchen brush.

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