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Jar Bar Refillery

Jar Bar™ Refillery - Bath Salt Pre-filled Jars

Jar Bar™ Refillery - Bath Salt Pre-filled Jars

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Your therapeutic bath awaits...treat yourself to a spa at home with our bath salts.

For best results, and as tolerated, air dry after bath instead of towelling off, and let those minerals do their work through your skin.

Dead Sea:
salt from Israel brings overall body relaxation, nourishment to the skin, and helps to ease skin conditions like psoriasis and more.  Rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, bromide, iodine and zinc with ultimately 10x more minerals than regular sea salt.

Pink Himalayan: sourced from, you guessed it, deep within the Himalayan mountains.  This salt is highly sought after for it's specific trace minerals and it's beautiful pink hue.  This salt is so extra that it formed in the ancient seabed and crystallized into salt veins way back when the mountain ranges THAT'S some ancient magic!  This salt is said to be the purest form of salt in the world and contains over 80 natural minerals; levels of which are special to this salt type.

Epsom: AKA magnesium sulfate.  These salt grains are the most common type of pharmaceutical salt on the market.  This salt dissolves easily in room temperature water with the slightest agitation - making it an exceptional candidate for bath products like bath soaks, foot soaks, bath bombs an salt scrubs!

Dendridic Crystals: These small, porous salt crystals have high liquid absorption and are commonly added to salt soaks to adhere colourants and allow fragrances to last much longer.  Since these salt crystals are so absorptive they suck up excess moisture, preventing caking and clumping and are used in premium bath soaks.

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