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Peregrine Supply

Peregrine Supply Co. - Face + Beard Soaps

Peregrine Supply Co. - Face + Beard Soaps

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Welcome to this wonderfully good quality brand, made locally in Burnaby, BC.

Face + Beard Soap:
This traditionally crafted soap is made to cleanse and moisturize not only your beard, but the skin underneath as well.

Superfats keep your skin moist and itch-free - perfect for year round use!

Made with micro-abrasive clays that gently polish skin.  No harsh chemicals or detergents are added to ensure a soft and effective clean.

Shave + Face Soap:
A milder alternative to most shave gels that tend to dry out skin.  Superfats are again to credit for their wondrous moisturizing abilities, allowing for a close, smooth shave without as much tugging.

Lathers excellently thanks to bentonite clay, and colloidal oatmeal keeps skin bright and nourished.  No harsh chemicals are used in this shave soap - making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

Detox Face Soap
This soap contains activated charcoal and bentonite clay, both have exfoliating properties, meaning this is an excellent soap for use 1-3 times per week, as over exfoliating can cause irritation, which can appear similarly to acne.

Charcoal is also a pro at removing excess oils from your face; however in doing this is can cause your skin to start over-producing oils.  We would recommend an oil-based cleanser for this issue, and using a charcoal based soap only once per week, if at all.  Some people do have excellent results using charcoal, just be sure to not use this bar daily.

Scented with lavender, sage and lemon essential oils, this bar's scent profile is a wonderful combination of relaxing and uplifting

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