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The Stitchery

The Stitchery - Unpaper Towels Pack

The Stitchery - Unpaper Towels Pack

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Clean up all of life's messes with a clean conscience!

Our 10x10" unpaper towels wipe up spills, wash dishes, countertops, tubs and more, all without creating any trash. Use one of the wipes and then toss it in the washing machine, not the garbage.

We use them all day, every day, at our store locations and in our home!

They come packaged together in double-sided cotton flannel in brights or pastel colours, in packs of five flats or ten assorted in a roll, and in white terry and flannel in flats or rolls of five. These can also be wound around a typical paper towel holder, to be super handy.

Made by Gail from The Stitchery in Abby, who is our owner's mama!

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