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Jar Bar Refillery

Jar Bar Refillery - Exfoliating Mitt

Jar Bar Refillery - Exfoliating Mitt

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Introducing Jar Bar exfoliating mitts, for all skin types - even the most sensitive. Our exfoliators, suitable for both adults and children, balance gentle exfoliation with durability. The woven design pampers your skin, visibly removing dead cells, relieving dryness and smoothing bumps.


Our exfoliating mitts can aid in:

  • natural exfoliation: enhance skin texture and complexion.
  • reducing acne, ingrown hairs, stretch marks, and scarring.
  • lymphatic stimulation: promote lymphatic drainage, reducing inflammation.
  • circulation boost: revitalize your body by increasing blood circulation.
  • collagen production: accelerate new skin cell creation for a youthful glow.
  • removing fake tans - leaving a smooth canvas for future applications.


1. Take a warm bath or shower to soften the skin for at least five minutes.
Avoid using soaps, shower gels, or similar products, allowing the mitt to work through direct friction on the skin.
Wet and wring out the mitt. Keep your skin moist.
Gently rub the mitt up and down your body using long, firm strokes.
Be extra gentle on sensitive areas. Skin peeling may occur, aiding in further exfoliation.
Rinse your body to wash away skin particles.
Dry off and apply your favorite body oil or moisturizer.
Hand wash the mitt using natural soap and air dry.
Repeat the exfoliating ritual once a week.

Clean skin is a must before use.
Avoid using on the face.
Replace the glove every 8 to 10 weeks for hygiene.
Apply moisturizer and sunscreen post-exfoliation.
Glove is 100% biodegradable viscose, derived sustainably from the reed plant.
Avoid use on open wounds, sunburned, or inflamed skin.
Skin peeling results vary based on skin type.


White: Ideal for sensitive skin, providing a gentle touch.
Black: Offers a slightly more intensive treatment.

- Both mitts suitable for children with adult supervision; white is recommended for gentler exfoliation.

- Always consult a physician to determine the best product for your skin.

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