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Ever Bamboo

Ever Bamboo - Hockey Kit Deodorizer/Dehumidifier

Ever Bamboo - Hockey Kit Deodorizer/Dehumidifier

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If you know hockey gear stink, you KNOW real stink...
Show it the door with Ever Bamboo!

Bamboo charcoal is produced from the rapidly growing moso bamboo. Its porous structure gives the charcoal its revolutionary abilities as both a deodorizer and dehumidifier. Rethink The Stink

Usage: Place pouches inside the stinkiest and sweatiest pieces of gear, whether that be skates, gloves, sneakers, or just inside the gear bag itself.  This pack comes with 4 pouches that slide into skates and gloves with ease!

With proper care, your bamboo charcoal will last up to one year. Leave pouch outside under direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) monthly for optimal performance. After one year, cut open pouch and mix charcoal granules into soil to regulate moisture.

  • Content: Unscented bamboo charcoal granules
  • Cautions: Do not eat. Do not place near fire.
  • ALL NATURAL bamboo charcoal moisture absorber
  • UNSCENTED - eliminates odours instead of masking them
  • LASTS UP TO 1 YEAR - reactivate under sunlight every 30-60 days
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